Whether reaching new markets or sourcing quality wines Distinguished Wines will help achieving long-term success for both wineries and importers. We assist quality wineries in building up their brand names on the export markets and to find the right market segments.

We pride ourselves on following services:

Brand building and strategic advice consulting

Distinguished Wines can assist in implementing the portfolio, channel and pricing strategy to maximize profit. We are proud to offer our services to smaller businesses as well as to commercial operations.

Local market experience

Distinguished Wines has built up a strong knowledge about the market structures, the legal requirements, the cultural differences and the trading opportunities in each market in Northern Europe and in Asia.

Event management

Distinguished Wines has successfully organised promotion at trade fairs, wine shows and exhibitions for 10 years. Planning and participation are organised and managed us.

Introduction to importers and retail groups

We work with some of the most well reputed and nationwide importers in the on-premise and off-trade business in Northern Europe and in Asia. We also source quality wines to some of the largest retail groups for their private labels.

Ongoing sales support

Distinguished Wines can assist wineries, importers and retailers with promotional activities and participation in events. Our aim is to have a mutually beneficial, loyal and long-term business relationships.

Network opportunties

Distinguished Wines has throughout the years built a solid network among key importers and retailers, organisations and wineries worldwide which is of benefit to all parties.

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