Veneto, Italy

Roberto Anselmi is widely regarded as one of Italy´s leading white wine producers. He left university in 1975 and started working in this father´s winery, but his father was forced to sell his vineyards. Robertos dream was to buy back the family´s vineyards and buying other land highly suited to vine growing and he succeeded.

Today the property extends to 70 hectares situated on the highest slopes of the hills between Monteforte and Soave. Vines are guyot trained or spurred cordons, with a low production per plant and bunches growing close to the old wood, and 6.000 vines per hectare. Each vine only produces 3 or 4 bunches which is much less than the ordinary production on double pergolas.

The vines have ideal south facing exposure on the higher slopes growing on tuffaceous and calcareous soil. The particular microclimate is created by the sun, the breeze and the significant shift in temperature overnight. The quality of the grapes is enhanced by a close pruning “vendange verte” and by making the most meticulous selection of the grapes. The result is a fruitier, more aromatic, more complex wine with more body and longer shelf life.


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